Recipes: Fynbos Fine Foods Bruschetta with Cheese & Savourings Tapenade

Marinated Dried Aubergines& Naturally Smoked Chillies, Oregano & Basil.
Marinated Dried Tomatoes, Pepper Drops TM & Basil.
Marinated Dried Tomatoes, Aubergines & Oregano.

Using any one of the above FYNBOS FINE FOODS PRODUCTS.

What you will need:

For Savouring Bruschetta

Grill both sides of sliced Ciabatta or other crusty bread until golden brown, brush one side with olive oil and then rub with a garlic clove. Spread with a cheese of your choice .i.e. goats’ Cheese, Feta Cheese, Cream Cheese or Ricotta cheese.

Ingredients for Tapenade:

1 bottle of(230g) FYNBOS FINE FOODS SAVOURINGS of your choice,

400g stoned black olives,

30ml capers,

2 cloves crushed garlic,


Black pepper.


Mix (or pulse in a blender) the Tapenade ingredients together.

Spread cheese on already prepared Bruschetta, then top with a tablespoon of Tapenade, garnish with a few sprigs of fresh chives or basil and serve.

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